Ant Arena

Ant Arena

Genre : action
Release Date :Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Player Count : 169


Ant Arena is a cool action game that is made using flash so that it can run on your computer within the browser. When you start the game you are shown the instruction page telling you to use the keyboard arrow keys to control your ant. You should hit other ants from behind or the side to kill them, but avoid getting hit head on yourself! The animation on the ants is very well done and you are the black ant with the enemies being red. Run away from them if they\'re coming at you head on. The ants are fairly mindless and will continue on in the same direction until they hit the edge, but they move quickly so your reactions should be quick as well. Quickly run behind or to the side of a red ant and crawl right into it and you will win the round. If you are behind an ant that is nearing the edge then you should move away as it is about to turn around and hit you head on. Good luck and post your high score on!

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