Genre : action
Release Date :Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Player Count : 644


Balloons is a super cool flash action game that has you shooting at targets dangling from balloons to score big points. Shoot all of the targets to start racking up your points. Don\'t forget to reload when you finally run out of ammunition and shoot the clock to give yourself some extra bonus time. As you begin the game you will see a view of the sky with clouds and a bunch of balloons with bulls eye targets hanging from them. Shoot at these targets to score points but as you do, keep an eye for the Reload button to start flashing. When it does, you have to click on it before you can resume your target shooting. The balloons holding the targets are purple and the ones holding the bonus clocks are yellow making it easy to tell them apart. This is a really addicting target shooting game that is well done in flash and fun to play!

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