Genre : action
Release Date :Saturday, February 01, 2014
Player Count : 141


Bananamania is a flash action game that puts you in control of a hungry monkey bent on capturing as many bunches of bananas as he possibly can. Use the keyboards left and right arrow keys to make the monkey move in those directions. When you begin a new game you will be positioned near a tree and things will be falling towards you from the sky. The various items are rocks, bottles of poison and delicious bananas. You have to dodge all of the rocks and poison and only capture the bananas. The different things can fall at random speeds on the monkey planet, so beware of suddenly falling stones and bottles of nasty deadly poison! How many bananas does a monkey eat? As many as he can get his hungry monkey paws on, that\'s how many. So grab a lot of bananas and enjoy this fun flash action game.

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