Bean Hunter

Bean Hunter

Genre : action
Release Date :Tuesday, March 04, 2014
Player Count : 271


Bean Hunter is a tough flash game that has some nice background artwork in it too. The idea of this game is similar to the old carnival game called whack-a-mole. When the game begins you just have to watch for a magic bean to materialize somewhere and then click on it. The beans will form as if by magic just about anywhere on the screen making it quite tough to reach them with the mouse. It could be in the sky, the tree, the cabin or anywhere else. When you see a bean show up you have to move the mouse quickly and then click right on it. This is the only way to collect them so you have to be super fast and accurate with your clicks. They are very small and glow at the edges for just about a second before disappearing again. Sometimes you get lucky and one will appear right near the same spot as the previous one, but not always. Good luck with this hard flash action game that will keep you challenged!

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