Genre : action
Release Date :Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Player Count : 610


Birdy is a cool game made with flash that has a lot of action in it. Your task in this game is to feed the eagle and stay alive. There is only one rule and that is that the bigger birds always eat the smaller ones. The catch is that in order to grow you have to eat. You control the eagle with the keyboards arrow keys and attack simply by descending on the smaller birds while in flight. When you start a game you will see a view of a sunny sky and some white clouds and your blue eagle. There are other birds of different colors and the small ones are your prey, so fly around eating and growing larger. If you need a break you can use the mouse to click on the Pause button at the bottom of the screen. There are always birds that are bigger than you and smaller than you on the screen. Avoid being eaten while you eat and score big! Post your high score on when you get there!

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