Genre : action
Release Date :Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Player Count : 139


Blast is a flash game that gives you the responsibility of protecting the entire system from invading forces that are bent on carrying out their evil deeds. Use the mouse to control your ship and blast the invading fighters to prevent them from getting past you. If you crash all four of the starships that have been given to you then it\'s game over, man. If you survive one stage then you will be given progressively tougher assignments so stay on your toes and don\'t let any aliens get out alive! You will also get automatic weapons upgrades to help you along the way. The enemy ships come down the screen at you while you fire upwards at them. As the levels get higher, they move faster and become more numerous and tricky to shoot. Even with improved weapons you will be hard pressed to move fast enough to kill them all! Good luck, the entire system is depending on you!

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