Drive By

Drive By

Genre : action
Release Date :Monday, March 03, 2014
Player Count : 192


Drive By is a video game that asks you to shoot everything that you see with your dual handguns! You are balancing out of your car window and driving slowly past what seems like an endless stream of houses and storefronts. When the game starts out the streets will be virtually empty, but you can still shoot out windows and take aim at doors. Soon you will see some joggers and you can shoot them, and some people in the windows that you can shoot for more points. There are ladies standing on the side of the street and guys on bikes that you can shoot too. Once in a while a police car will be chasing you down so make sure to shoot it a lot of times. You never run out of ammunition so just keep shooting everything. Even the mailbox will blow up in a shower of legal sized letters when you bust a few caps in it\'s butt! Have fun with this cool action game and post your high score too!

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