Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt

Genre : action
Release Date :Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Player Count : 43


Duck Hunt is a classic video game that has been made to use flash so that it can be played in the browser. There are two game options in this shooting game, one is a duck hunt and the other is shooting at clay pigeons. Click on the game you want to play and the action begins. In duck hunt mode you will have to use the mouse to point at the duck you want to shoot and then click the left mouse button to take your shot. The ducks start flying around the sky from the left and right sides of the screen and you have to shoot as many as you can before the timer reaches zero. Once you\'ve hit ten ducks then the game will congratulate you. The clay shooting game is very similar except that the background scene is different and two clay pigeons are fired in front of you every few seconds. Shoot ten of those in a short time to score 1000 points!

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