Ganja Farm

Ganja Farm

Genre : action
Release Date :Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Player Count : 383


Ganja Farm is a flash video game that tasks you with the important job of keeping the grass cut so that it can not be seen from over the fence. UFO\'s from space may even try to beam your precious ganja plants up to their ship so you need to shoot them. After any UFO has beamed up your plants you can\'t kill it any more so it\'s important to get him before he snatches your stash plants. When you begin the game you will see your yard with the growing plants and the fence. The game status bar at the bottom right will show the weeks counting down. If any of the plants grow higher than the fence, they disappear because you\'ve been busted! Rapidly move the mouse and click on the plants to make them slightly smaller. As alien crafts start appearing, quickly shoot them and then resume your grass clipping routine. Good luck!

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