Hitting NF Chicken

Hitting NF Chicken

Genre : action
Release Date :Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Player Count : 397


This fun and funny game is called Hitting NF Chicken and it uses flash for it\'s video and audio. In this game you have to aim your cannon properly so that when you loft projectiles over the fence you will destroy some noisy freaking chickens. You will use the keyboards left and right arrow keys to move the cannon closer or farther from the fence. Use the mouse itself to control the angle of your shot and shoot the cannon with the left mouse button. Press and hold the button and you\'ll see a shot strength meter turn green, then release the button. The duration of your hold on the button determines how hard the shot is projected. This is a cool action and strategy game that is addicting to play over and over again! Post your high score on Freegame.com once you\'ve earned the bragging rights.

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