Invasion of the Galactic

Invasion of the Galactic

Genre : action
Release Date :Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Player Count : 75


Invasion of the Galactic Goobers is very much like several classic arcade video games rolled into one cool flash action game. You will be using your mouse to move your ship left and right and the left mouse button to fire your shots. Stage one is set up similar to space invaders with a group of enemy Goobers marching slowly left and down then back across to the right and down. Shoot them with your weapon until they\'re all dead and move on to stage two. In this stage the enemy ships come at you one by one and arc below you only to curve back upwards and destroy you from below. Quickly move your ship out of the way and move onto stage three. In this stage there is one large enemy who you will need to shoot multiple times in order to kill. The background music and sounds for this flash game are great too. Be sure to post your highest score at and leave a game review too.

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