Genre : action
Release Date :Thursday, February 13, 2014
Player Count : 172


Magnetos is a cool flash action game and it\'s similar to some other side scrolling space games. You will use the keyboards arrow keys to move your ship up, down, left and right and the space bar key to fire your cannon. As the game begins you will see your ship on the left and the enemies will come at you from the right. Shoot rapid fire because you never run out of ammunition and just try to blanket the entire right side of the screen with your cannon fire. There will be some small blue ships that come at you and some of them have cannon as well. Other ships will try to grapple with you and there are even some asteroid fields that you\'ll have to navigate to make it to the final stage. The main boss is a human shaped robot and you\'ll need to keep firing at it to win. Post your high score on when you complete this cool flash game.

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