Monkey Hunt

Monkey Hunt

Genre : action
Release Date :Thursday, February 13, 2014
Player Count : 1448


Monkey Hunt is a flash shooting game in which you are given a full 30 seconds in which to hunt down as many monkeys as you can. When you begin a new game you will see a scene that has some bushes, trees and distant hills. You control the gun sights with your mouse and shoot your gun with your left mouse button. The monkeys will begin appearing all over the screen. They pop out from behind trees and bushes and even show up as tiny stick figures on the distant hills. There are a lot of monkey\'s on the screen at the same time so just keep a steady aim and shoot as many of them as you can. Sometimes a monkey will stand right in front of you and wave it\'s arms as if inviting you to blow it\'s monkey brains out. The author of the game reminds you that this is just a game and to be kind to real animals! Have fun with this flash shooting game!

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