Onion Head Monster

Onion Head Monster

Genre : action
Release Date :Thursday, February 13, 2014
Player Count : 234


Onion Head Monster is a fun flash action game that will have you running around trying to destroy some very deadly doughnuts. In each round you must help Dr. Strangegutt destroy 39 deadly doughnuts. You will use your mouse to move around and the mouse button or space bar key to fire. The action is pretty intense as the doughnuts start falling from the sky. You have to dodge quickly while firing your weapon upwards at the storm of round pastries. When one hits you it splats all over your head until you have a chance to shake it off. Keep moving and you\'ll make it through once you\'ve destroyed all 39 required doughnuts. There is a counter at the top right hand corner of the game that keeps your current count so don\'t give up! Good luck with this fun free game!

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