Pedestrian Killer

Pedestrian Killer

Genre : action
Release Date :Thursday, February 13, 2014
Player Count : 367


Pedestrian Killer is a really fun and humorously gruesome flash game that will make you cross streets more carefully in the future. When you begin this action packed game you will see an overhead view of a busy city street. There are people as small as ants walking all around and across the roadway. Dragging the mouse makes the car follow your movements so drag the mouse all over the street and crush as many pedestrians as you can within the allotted time. There is a time limit so don\'t fool around and just stay focused on crushing out the life of everyone you see! Move back and forth quickly to splatter more and more of those tiny creatures as they begin to cross the road from top to bottom. Use steady movements and steer the car well for the highest possible score. Can you kill more than 100? Good luck with this fun flash game from!

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