Genre : action
Release Date :Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Player Count : 182


Tribal is a flash shooting gallery game that has you aiming for the space between their eyes. In this video game you have to continually aim and shoot your weapon as things pop out from behind buildings, trees and shrubs. The game begins by showing you a nice scene in the jungle that has some trees, bushes and even a cool looking native hut. All of the things that pop up from where they are hiding are fair game to shoot at! Use your mouse to quickly center the cross-hairs of your weapon on them and then click the left mouse button to shoot. You will not hear a special sound or see any animation if you hit them, so just keep on aiming and firing! The game is on a timer that ticks down from forty five seconds and that\'s all the time you have to shoot as many targets as you can. Each hit on a target gets you ten points but you have to act fast! They move back into hiding so quickly that you might feel like it\'s impossible, but it isn\'t! Good luck on this flash video game from

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