Genre : adventure
Release Date :Wednesday, March 05, 2014
Player Count : 117


Sarvik is a flash adventure game and you are out to retrieve as many diamonds as you can. You play a character called Sarvik and he looks kind of like a small yellow bird with no wings. There are fifteen different levels in the dungeons and only you are brave enough to risk looking around down there. You use the keyboards arrow keys to navigate around and as you walk through the very tight tunnels, you will encounter diamonds and also hearts. The hearts are as important as the diamonds because as you will notice in the status bar at the bottom of the screen, the heart is a timer that counts down towards zero and the end of your game if you don\'t finish in time. To help you a little bit, there is a Map button that you can click in the status bar which will show a large scale overview of the dungeon. You will notice diamond and hearts indicated in blue and red respectively, and your position in yellow. When on the map screen, the level timer is paused too. Find the key and then find the door it fits to reach even farther! Good luck with this great flash adventure game from!

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