Genre : classics
Release Date :Thursday, February 20, 2014
Player Count : 444


Blasteroids is a classic arcade style game presented here in flash for it\'s animations and sounds. The game play is very much like an arcade game as you use the arrow keys to fire thrusters to control your position. There is some physics involved in this game as you have to carefully thrust in short bursts. Colliding with a chunk of space rock will not only reduce your shields and eventually smash your ship, but it will also bounce you hard in the opposite direction. Some asteroids contain bonus items inside of them. Fuel, shield upgrades, shot upgrades and such are the bonus items which will spin vertically on the screen waiting for you to fly over them. Collect all of the bonus items so that you can survive as long as possible! Be careful around the edges of the play field because there are some blind spots that can throw you off your game. Good luck and share your high score with other players!

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