Genre : classics
Release Date :Thursday, February 20, 2014
Player Count : 97


Breeder is a flash game that involves the process of breeding rabbits. You start off with only two rabbits, one a male and one a female of course. By clicking on a rabbit and dragging with your mouse, move the male to the female and this will begin a breeding session. A short gestation period will commence before a baby rabbit is born and then you keep repeating the process. The babies will increase to adult size in a few seconds and then they can be bred too. In addition to initiating breeding sessions, you have to keep your growing family of rabbits safe. They are penned in by an electric fence, so don\'t drag them into a fence. Also, don\'t try to breed males to other males because they\'ll fight and you\'ll lose one. You can tell which rabbits are males because they like to smoke. Females like to do their make up on the other hand and will pause briefly to do so once in a while. Good luck on this fun flash game!

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