Lawn Pacman

Lawn Pacman

Genre : classics
Release Date :Thursday, February 20, 2014
Player Count : 323


Lawn Pacman is a cool flash video game based on the classic game of Pac Man. You see, your Grandma has left you in charge of keeping her lawn nicely mowed at all times and she doesn\'t want you to waste fuel. She has calculated how much fuel you need for the job and you will run out if you do a poor job, so take the most logical path at all times. Use your arrow keys to make the lawn mower move in one of the four directions. There will be obstacles such as trees and flowerbeds that you have to mow around. Sometimes there will be a storm cloud that comes racing over the yard and it\'ll make a patch of cut grass regrow quickly, forcing you to go mow it again. Watch that fuel and do Grandma proud so that she\'ll make you a batch of her world famous cookies! After you mow each lawn successfully, you will be given some bonus points for any remaining fuel that you have leftover. Good luck and post your high score so that other players can try to beat it!

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