Night Thief Madness

Night Thief Madness

Genre : classics
Release Date :Thursday, March 06, 2014
Player Count : 879


Night Thief Madness is a great flash game that puts you behind the wheel of a tow truck working late at night. You have to use the mouse to drive your tow vehicle over to a parked car before you can take it. You have to steal all of the cars without being detected by the lights while you\'re at it. When you begin the level, a red arrow will be pointing to your blue vehicle, and a small black arrow will be pointing to your first target vehicle. Click the mouse ahead of your car and it will drive that direction. When you see the animated arrow on the grey grid then back your truck into that space to latch onto the car being towed. Once you are attached, the black arrow will re-orient on your new target which is a place to unload the car. Keep repeating this process and be careful of the search lights. If one touches you, then you are busted and the game is over. Also, if you smash up your truck or the car being towed, the game will end. Good luck and have fun playing this cool flash game!

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