Genre : classics
Release Date :Thursday, February 20, 2014
Player Count : 271


The game of Piggy is a classic video game made in flash that is a nice change of pace from blasting asteroids or solving complicated puzzles. This is a lighthearted game that puts you in the role of a pink Pig who can stand and walk on his hind legs. Use the mouse to move him left and right and click the left mouse button to grab the tool boxes that fall from the sky. As you work to collect them, you will have to also avoid the falling wrenches which will take your entire life if they hit you even once! There is a status bar along the top of the screen and at the top left is the number of boxes that you have caught so far. In the middle is the indicator showing how many pig lives you have left. Because the pig is always looking towards the right with his arms sticking out in that direction, you have to align yourself just to the left of the falling box. Click the button when it\'s just above and to the right of your head then quickly move to get the next ones. Have fun playing this free video game at Freegame.com.

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