Q Beart

Q Beart

Genre : classics
Release Date :Thursday, February 20, 2014
Player Count : 81


Q Beart is a classic arcade style video game made with flash and you have to complete a color pattern on each level. Your character is a cute bear named Q and he hops from one block to another depending on which arrow key you press. When he hops onto a new space, it changes to the color for that level and he can move on to another. This game would be extremely easy if that\'s all there was to it, but of course it isn\'t. As you try to complete the puzzle, items will drop down from the sky onto your staircase. You have to quickly dodge the bouncing items so they don\'t crush you. You could also die if you jump off the steps in the wrong direction, so be very careful about which way you\'re going. When playing the game your score will be displayed at the top left and near that you will see how many bear lives you have left. Near the top right will be a sample of the color you are trying to change the steps to. Post your high score for other Freegame.com players to shoot for!

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