Space Explorer

Space Explorer

Genre : classics
Release Date :Thursday, February 20, 2014
Player Count : 514


Space Explorer presents the game player with a nice challenge as you try to safely land your cool looking space ship. The landscape that you are asked to land on is unfriendly to say the least! You control your ship with the arrow keys. The down arrow will fire the rockets below your ship and slow your descent while the right and left keys fire side facing thrusters. The game screen will show your score at the top left as well as the highest point value landing you\'ve made so far. At the top right you are shown a fuel indicator that decreases as you burn it and small ships representing the number of lives you have left in case you crash. During game play you can press the P key to pause the action. Pressing it a second time resumes the action and if you don\'t want to hear the cool soundtrack, you can click on the word Sound at the bottom left. If you wish to, you can restart the current level with full lives and fuel by clicking Restart also at the bottom left. This game is harder than it might seem because of the gravitational pull and the real physics involved.

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