Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington

Genre : cooking
Release Date :Wednesday, April 02, 2014
Player Count : 142


Beef Wellington is a nicely done cooking game made in flash that will give you a somewhat real recipe for how to cook the title dish. When you begin the game you are shown an entire kitchen area and a helpful finger will be pointing to the item you have to work with next. First up is the piece of beef so click and drag it to the cutting board. Next the finger will point to the salt so click and drag the salt to the beef and then the pepper. Each step is indicated with the pointing finger or other helpful hint right on the screen. There is a piano soundtrack that you can listen to or choose to silence with the speaker icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen. You will go from seasoning and searing the beef to creating the stuffing and finally wrapping everything in dough for baking. The final product is nice and golden brown and looks delicious! Have fun with this and all of the other fun flash cooking games at!

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