Delicious Hot Dog

Delicious Hot Dog

Genre : cooking
Release Date :Thursday, April 03, 2014
Player Count : 334


Delicious Hot Dog is a flash cooking game or if you wish it\'s a flash activity center that involves hot dogs. The object of this game is to select all of the pieces of your hot dog party right down to the wall paper! When you begin a game you are shown the hot dog as the computer created it. Now you have to choose the bun that looks right to you. Just use your mouse to click on the bun that you want. Next pick out the lettuce, hot dog meat and other condiments that you want on it. You can pick just plain ketchup or mustard or even mayonnaise if you want. Be sure to choose the color of plate it is served on and then the table cloth and finally the wall paper. It might be a good learning game for younger audiences or just a change of pace from the latest fast driving or action sports game.

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