Yeti Snowball

Yeti Snowball

Genre : fighting
Release Date :Thursday, January 30, 2014
Player Count : 193


Yeti Snowball is a shooting gallery style of fighting game made using flash and free to play at! You are armed only with the most plentiful white substance in the world. Snow is your ammunition and you prefer it packed round and firm into a ball shape of similar size to a baseball. You will aim and throw your giant stockpile of well made snowballs using the mouse and the left mouse button respectively. The Yeti enemy troops are scattered among the hills and they are very adept at remaining hidden until they pop out and take aim at you. As soon as you see a Yeti poking it\'s head above a hill, put the mouse pointer on them and click the button to throw! If you take too long, he will throw a big snowball at you and knock your points down to zero! There is a counter in the bottom right corner of the screen that tells you how many points you have. Practice a lot and have fun with this fun flash fighting game.

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