Massacre Mania

Massacre Mania

Genre : flash-games
Release Date :Thursday, February 13, 2014
Player Count : 135


Massacre Mania is a flash game that will put you in your own private flying saucer with the task of killing all of the aliens. As you begin the game you will see your bald head poking out of your red space ship. You control your movement with the mouse and fire your weapon with the left mouse button. The aliens come from the right hand side of the screen and attack you in straight lines. You have to shoot them all down and if they get past you, dodge their attempt to crash into you. If you are hit by an enemy even slightly then the game is over and restarts automatically from the beginning. As you kill them, you\'ll notice a status bar at the top left of the game filling up and once it\'s full, you move on to level two! This game is very challenging and will keep you busy for hours of great flash game play.

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