Shoot The Fly

Shoot The Fly

Genre : flash-games
Release Date :Friday, February 14, 2014
Player Count : 97


Shoot The Fly is a flash video game that pits your deadly aim against some of the smallest targets you can imagine. Your targets in this shooting gallery game are flies and once you begin a game you will see them start to buzz across your screen from left to right. Use your mouse to line up your gun sights and click the left mouse button to take your shot. If you score on a fly, it will splat with a satisfying sound and you can move on to the next one. One thing is certain, you will not hit every single fly because there are so darn many of them! You have a time limit of only one hundred seconds in which to splatter as many of these little ugly suckers as you can. There are a few clouds that float around the sky and sometimes a fly will go behind one making it a bit tougher to aim at it. Shoot as many of the flies as you can for the top score then brag about it on!

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