Turkey Run

Turkey Run

Genre : flash-games
Release Date :Thursday, March 06, 2014
Player Count : 3233


Turkey Run is a really fun side scrolling adventure game that has you running for your life from a chef holding a meat cleaver! Who knows what he even wants to do with that thing?! You have to avoid obstacles and try to pick up all of the different bonus items that you see along the way. Hamburgers, diamond rings and natural pearls in the shell are a few of the bonus items that you will see along the way. Eating the burger helps restore your health which is indicated by the feathers along the top left. Press the W and S keys to move up and down respectively and the K key to jump. You have to avoid colliding with the people and things that will be in your path. Because you are running for your life, you can\'t slow down even a little bit so make sure to keep your eyes ahead of you and don\'t let the chef catch you. If there\'s one thing I\'m sure of it\'s that a chef with a meat cleaver is no friend to a turkey! You can share your high scores with other Freegame.com players and even write your own review of this game.

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