Polar Jump

Polar Jump

Genre : teens
Release Date :Thursday, March 06, 2014
Player Count : 132


Polar Jump is a flash video game that is fun for kids and teens. This game requires you to click on the white polar bear and make him jump. Once he flies off the top of the screen, a white arrow will keep tracking his progress. Line up the mouse below the white arrow and when the bear comes flying back down, click on it if you can! Each time you can click on the polar bear, he will leap higher up into the air. Try to track him with your mouse so that you can continually click on his fluffy white body. While this game might not appeal to hardcore gamers and older people, it\'s fun for kids and teens and helps build hand and eye coordination. There is a fun piece of background music that plays constantly and makes it more entertaining. have fun playing this and many other flash kids games at Freegame.com!

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