Drifter Decoder

Drifter Decoder

Genre : mind
Release Date :Tuesday, March 04, 2014
Player Count : 24


Drifter Decoder is a modern era name for a classic electronic game called Simon. You have to follow the random pattern of lights and sounds and duplicate it when it\'s your turn. As you begin a game, the computer will randomly press and play one of the four buttons on the decoder. Then it\'s your turn to repeat the pattern. At first it\'s painfully simple because even the youngest kid can reproduce a few tones in a row. As the game continues though it can get quite difficult to remember all of the lights and sounds in the right order. The game does make it a bit easier on you by always adding one tone to it\'s existing sequence. That is to say that only the newest tone is random, all of the others will be the same as the last round. If you get a sequence wrong at any point in time you will be shown an error code 000 display and the game will end. A new game will automatically begin after the last one ended. Have fun with this simple but challenging flash video game!

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