Memorial Animal

Memorial Animal

Genre : mind
Release Date :Tuesday, March 04, 2014
Player Count : 40


The fun game with the funny name. Memorial Animal is a mind game that has you trying to remember where the last place you saw a certain animal was! It\'s the classic game of concentration in flash format for your computer. The game begins as soon as you open it to play as you can tell by the timer ticking down from 30 in the top right hand corner. You have just that much time to match all of the cards that are sitting face down in front of you. Flip two of them over and try to remember them well. As you flip more cards over you will inevitably see one that you remember seeing from someplace before. Now is the time for that super human powered brain to get with the program! Continue flipping and making matches so that you can complete the task before the timer runs to zero! If it reaches zero, you will receive a big NO which you can click to play the same board over again. The game only has a couple of different layouts so this game is best for kids to help their memory. Good luck!

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