Genre : mind
Release Date :Tuesday, March 04, 2014
Player Count : 61


Rotation is a flash game that requires you to use your mind and figure out how to move a series of shapes to match another shape. As you begin this game you will see that there is a roughly circular playing field on the left, with a smaller version on the right. You will notice a pattern on the small version and your task is to make the large version look identical to the small. As you click the circular positions, you will notice that it makes the pieces around it rotate one position. Watch carefully how each piece moves it\'s adjacent pieces and then set out to duplicate the pattern in the completed shape. The first several levels might be quite easy but as you keep progressing, the levels get quite challenging and difficult. You will need to utilize different center points as you make the correct pieces rotate into the proper positions. Have fun figuring out all of the puzzles in this great flash mind game!

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