10 seconds

10 seconds

Genre : new-games
Release Date :Monday, March 31, 2014
Player Count : 2192


10 Seconds is a flash game of strategy using trains and train tracks. The object of this game is to keep building the tracks before the train comes along and derails! It\'s a strategy game where you have to think ahead as far as you can so that you don\'t run your train into any obstacles that are in the way. As you start each level there are sections of the track that are facing in the wrong direction. You have to use the mouse to click on them and flip them around in another direction that completes the track. The timer is always counting down until the train leaves the station and if that happens before you\'re done with your track work, it\'s game over! To make it even tougher, the higher levels have some tracks that are broken, but don\'t come into play anyway. You need to look over the level quickly and make only the moves that need to be made. This is a really fun flash game that you\'ll play over and over again at Freegame.com.

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