Color The Town

Color The Town

Genre : new-games
Release Date :Monday, March 31, 2014
Player Count : 420


Color The Town is a fun flash game that gives you the goal of painting every house in the town with it\'s proper color. When you start a new game you will have to choose which of the games many levels you want to try, bearing in mind that you can\'t start on a level higher than you\'ve already reached on your own. You will use the arrow keys to move your character up and down and use the mouse to select the correct paint color. You\'ll know which color is the correct one because the door of the house will be in that same color. You have to aim your paint cannon so that the stream of paint will arc through the air and land on the right house too. This can be quite tricky so practice it well and then go for it. This game also has a fun background sound track and nicely done images and animation. Try to use just the right amount of paint needed for each house. It will require several squirts and then some rainbow colored stars will float up from the house signalling that it\'s been well painted. Good luck with this really fun flash video game!

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