Dream Pet

Dream Pet

Genre : new-games
Release Date :Monday, March 31, 2014
Player Count : 652


Dream Pet is a fun flash game of strategy and tactics. You will have to match up pairs of baby animals to make them disappear from the screen. The goal is to match up all of the pairs of baby animals to remove them all from the board. As each new level begins, arrows on the screen tell you which way the remaining pieces will move after some are removed. In some games as you remove a piece, the remaining pieces above it will fall down to fill the missing space. On other levels, they will snap to the left or to the right. A piece must have a clear line of sight to it\'s exact match in order for them to mate up and disappear from the playing field. As you gain stars or jewels as they\'re called in the game, you can spend them to buy your own baby animal friend. It\'s quite a challenging game for all ages and requires a lot of strategic quick thinking. If you run out of possible moves, the game will rearrange the remaining baby animal friends automatically so that you can keep removing them. A really fun game that helps keep the mind and memory fresh!

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