Sara Cooking Class

Sara Cooking Class

Genre : new-games
Release Date :Monday, March 31, 2014
Player Count : 1106


Sara\'s Cooking Class is a cool game that is a nice change of pace from destroying aliens and saving the universe. In this game your goal is to properly prepare some delicious and filling burritos. You will have to locate and take out all of the tools consisting of bowls, cutting boards, ingredients and everything else that you will need to make the burritos. After finding all of the tools you need, it\'s time to place each ingredient one by one onto the cutting board. Then you need to peel and slice all of the fresh vegetables in the proper order and using the correct slicing technique. You can only click in the places that are correct so just keep moving the mouse around and you will figure out the pace of the game pretty quickly. At different stages of the recipe, different drawers and cabinets will be accessible. Don\'t forget the refrigerator! There are a lot of ingredients that need to be kept cold after all. Good luck making lunch for all of your virtual friends!

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