Sponge Bob Vs Evil Bob

Sponge Bob Vs Evil Bob

Genre : new-games
Release Date :Monday, March 31, 2014
Player Count : 2952


Sponge Bob Vs Evil Bob is another super fun flash racing game and this time you have to ride your bike and beat Evil Bob to the finish line! You use the arrow keys to move forward and also to lean your weight forward or backwards which adds an element of physics into it. The Up arrow key is the throttle and the Down acts as brakes (but you won\'t need them!) The Left and Right arrow keys will make Bob lean his weight backwards or forwards respectively. If you\'re daring then just go at high speed and tilt your body back and forth to land safely and beat your opponent through every level. Remember that when your wheels are on the ground you are able to go faster than you are when flying through the air. Keep your fingers ready on the left and right keys during each level and press them often to keep your bike level. The computer controls Evil Bob perfectly so it can be challenging to pass the other bike at times. This cool flash racing game and many more are always free at Freegame.com!

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