Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble

Genre : puzzle
Release Date :Wednesday, March 05, 2014
Player Count : 304


Bubble Trouble is a super cool puzzle game that will have you strategising and making sure you don\'t get crushed by a bouncing bubble! The only keys you need to use are the left and right arrows to move, and the spacebar to fire your weapon. As the levels begin, a large bouncing bubble will appear and begin bouncing near and over your head. Shoot it with your weapon and it divides into two smaller sized bubbles which bounce around as well in predictable patterns. You have to maneuver yourself so that each bubble bounces over your head so that you can shoot it. The smallest sized bubbles finally disappear when shot. If a bubble touches you, you are dead! So keep your aim well and use your skill to make sure nothing will touch you as you get yourself out of bubble trouble! A great puzzle game for one or two players from Freegame.com.

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