Billiards Drift

Billiards Drift

Genre : racing
Release Date :Friday, April 04, 2014
Player Count : 1003


Billiards Drift is a flash car racing / driving game that will have you sliding around corners for big points. Begin the game and select which of the cars you want to drive. When you first begin only the first car will be available to you but later on you will be able to unlock them all. Now select the level and again after you\'ve won some races you will be able to start the game at a higher level. Game play involves using the arrow keys to drive your car around the billiard table crashing into the balls. Try to sink the balls in one of the pockets to complete the level and tally up your score. Using the tables bumpers to hit bank shots is worth more points. Forcing balls to bounce off of other balls also gives you bonus points so play well and when you get the high score, post it on and share it with your friends.

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