Bmx Master

Bmx Master

Genre : racing
Release Date :Friday, April 04, 2014
Player Count : 846


BMX Master is a great flash racing game that takes place on bicycle motocross courses and tracks. To steer your bike you have to use the up and down arrow keys for moving forward and backward respectively. The left and right arrows cause you to throw your body weight in those directions which will help provide balance. The enter key will make you turn around 180 degrees so you\'re facing in the opposite direction. The keys numbered 1 through 8 will cause you to perform one of the 8 different tricks while you\'re in the air. You can play in either of two modes labeled Championship and Time Attack. In the second mode, you can choose any one of seven levels and you\'ll have one minute to earn as many points as possible. In Championship mode you will have to beat every level of the game in order. This is a cool flash racing game you\'ll want to play over and over again!

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