City Racer

City Racer

Genre : racing
Release Date :Friday, April 04, 2014
Player Count : 705


City Racer is a racing game made with flash and it has full sound effects and nice quality graphics to make the game play more fun. You will control your car by using the left and right arrows to steer. The up and down arrows control the throttle and the brake respectively and the space bar is a nitro booster. You can choose one of three ways to play the game with the options being Championship, Challenge or Trial. In a Championship race you will run a series of races and are required to win each one of them before advancing to the next. Challenge mode is just a quick race on one specific track and Trial mode is just you against the clock to see how you are improving. You can select which car you are driving in all modes and the track you want to play in the Challenge mode. This is a really fun racing game that has enough options to make it entertaining for a long time to come!

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