Mario Motorcross

Mario Motorcross

Genre : racing
Release Date :Wednesday, April 09, 2014
Player Count : 2157


Mario Motorcross is a flash action and racing game that puts you in control of the classic video game character Mario as he tries to ride his motocross bike in the woods. You will use the up arrow to accelerate, the down arrow for reverse, the right arrow to lean forward, and the left arrow to lean backward. It\'s important to use the right and left arrows to lean your body weight in those directions. This is the only way to prevent yourself from flipping over upside down and blowing up in a screeching fireball! This is actually one of the more difficult motocross games out there because Mario is so top heavy with his huge melon and big hat. Once you have conquered some of the levels, write a game review of your own for publication on!

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