Motocross Forest Challenge

Motocross Forest Challenge

Genre : racing
Release Date :Friday, April 04, 2014
Player Count : 1891


Motocross Forest Challenge is a great flash sports and racing game that has you riding a motocross bike through the forest. To do this you will be using your keyboard arrow keys to control the balance of the bike. When you complete levels safely and on time you will be able to unlock more powerful engines and better equipped bikes. There are some hard opponents and winning each race is definitely not a given, you will have to work for it. Begin by choosing which bike you want to start off on and then set the difficulty to Normal or Expert. The game will begin with you and two opponents in a wooded setting and you will need to go over stumps and fallen trees as well as large rocks. When your bike is tilted too much forward or backward just tap on the opposite arrow key and you should straighten out. Too many sharp blows to the head or to your rider in general will lead to you losing the match! Reach the stop sign first and you win the race, good luck!

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