Tg Motocross 2

Tg Motocross 2

Genre : racing
Release Date :Wednesday, April 09, 2014
Player Count : 191


Tg Motocross 2 is a really fun flash racing game where you have to ride your motocross bike through the rough terrain without crashing out. It is a very straightforward game because there are no hidden prizes or evil enemies to contend with at all. All you have to focus on is keeping yourself on two wheels and in one piece with no broken bones! You will need to use your keyboards arrow keys to control your motorcycle. The up arrow is your throttle and the down arrow is the brake. You press the left arrow to lean your body weight backwards and if you\\\'re also on the throttle it will help your top speed. Press the right arrow to lean your body weight forward and if you\\\'re on the throttle at the same time this will help you climb steep hills. The P key will pause the game so that you can get your nerve up for that next killer jump! Make it to the end of each stage without breaking your neck and you\\\'ll be able to continue on! Have fun playing this really well done motocross flash racing game.

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