Toy Car Adventure

Toy Car Adventure

Genre : racing
Release Date :Friday, April 04, 2014
Player Count : 805


Toy Car Adventure is a really great flash racing game that has you trying to escape the house in only 24 hours. You are toy car that is controlled with the computer keyboard. You can use the W,A,S,D keys or all four arrow keys to control the throttle, balance fore and aft, and brakes. The Z and L keys can be used for the nitro boost feature. The path is fraught with peril in the form of blocks and toy jumps and even insects that are crawling along the floor. You collect money every time you make an attempt to exit the house and after each round you can use your money to buy toy car upgrades. Engines, wheels, horse power and nitro boost can all be purchased in between attempts. You will need to keep the throttle on full and save your nitro boosts until you really need them! Most important are battery packs which are blue rectangles. The more of those that you collect on your way, the farther you can go! Remember, you do not have unlimited tries to escape, you only have 24 hours and your remaining time is shown after each unsuccessful attempt. Be sure to post your high score for this great flash racing game!

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