Toybox Rally

Toybox Rally

Genre : racing
Release Date :Wednesday, April 09, 2014
Player Count : 770


Toybox Rally is a cool flash racing game where you have to strive to keep your health up while causing your opponent to lose theirs at the same time. You will use the keyboard arrow keys to move your racer around the track and remember, crashing will cause you to lose health points. If you lose sight of the opponent in front of you then you will also lose health. The space bar acts as your gas pedal in this racing game so make sure you lean on it hard and pass your rival cleanly! When you begin a race you can choose from three different racers and their cars. The first one is a pink flower power car driven by a cute pink haired girl. Choice two is a man with a mustache and a big purple cowboy hat and the third is a punk kid with an attitude and a fast car. You will see a top view of the track and the game will countdown to the start. Just steer well and use bursts of speed to stay ahead. It gets crazy if you run into something because it\'ll completely disorient your car. Good luck winning this flash racing game!

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