Winter Rush 2

Winter Rush 2

Genre : racing
Release Date :Wednesday, April 09, 2014
Player Count : 204


Winter Rush 2 is a cool flash racing game that takes place on the snow covered lane. You have to use the keyboard W, A, S, D or Arrow keys to move around. The Esc, P key or space bar will pause the game when pressed and resume when pressed a second time. When you begin the game you will be looking down at your snow machine and steering it down a snow covered lane. Watch out for trees, rocks and other obstacles in your way. Run into crates and loose coins when you see them and by all means have fun. After each round you will be given a chance to buy machine upgrades with the money you\'ve collected and earned! Make smart choices and you will soon be smoking your old records and reaching new high scores! Post your highest score on to claim the bragging rights before someone else does.

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