Mars Patrol

Mars Patrol

Genre : shooting
Release Date :Friday, February 28, 2014
Player Count : 101


Mars Patrol is a flash video shooting game that has you maneuvering your turret equipped rover around the red planet. As you navigate through a set maze of canyons and pathways on each level, you will have to avoid or destroy the objects that are in your way and even pursuing you. You will use the keyboards arrow keys to move around with the Up arrow always moving the rover forward in the direction that the turret is pointing. Pressing the Left and Right arrows will make the turret rotate 90 degrees to face in that respective direction. The Down arrow will move the rover in the direction opposite the one the turret is pointing. The F key fires your plasma cannon, the D key drops a mine and the S key is used for special purposes. There are half a dozen or so enemy sentries that you will have to destroy or avoid. They travel and patrol the same pathways that you are forced to use, so encounters are going to happen. There are deposits of ammo, mines and extra lives out there for you to find! Good luck and post your highest score on when you\'re through!

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